A poetic story about searching for an unexpired romance, a mélange of sexy fantasy and innocent love.

“Expiration Date” is a short, poetic motion graphics video integrating 2D and 3D styles. It is accompanied by an original soundtrack and poem (narrated). The main metaphor of the story utilizes the expiration date on a can to represent the duration of romantic love. Looking for a lasting love seems like looking for a can without expiration date. Through this film, audiences will experience the difference between desire and love within the truth of an enduring relationship.

Length: 04min 21sec
Country: New York, NY, USA
Year: 2017



Official Trailer




Shwenn, Shunya Chang

Shwenn is a motion graphics and multimedia designer based in New York who has reinvented himself as a “multidimensional” designer. He utilizes multiform digital techniques in tandem with his style of design and storytelling. He combines humor, 3D techniques, graphics, illustration, texture, vivid colors and varied technologies to convey his messages. “Expiration Date,” a motion graphics animation that integrates 2D and 3D media, is the his first personal film.

Music By

Jerome Leroy

Jerome Leroy is an award-nominated composer who has written original music for feature films, TV movies, video games and live events.

Voice Over by

Jon Ciano

Jon Ciano is a professionally trained voice actor. He combined with his on-stage performance and trained singing background, make the perfect storm.

Sound Design by

Wengu Hu

Wengu Hu is an artist, musician, programmer and game designer. he has been working in game development and music for over 10 years.


2017 The European Film Festival (Mainstream & Underground), Finalist

2017 One-Reeler, Special Mentions Winner

2017 NewFest:New York LGBT Film Festival, Official Selection


2017 MetroCAF, Official Selection

2017 Västerås Film Festival, Official Selection

2017 Early Bird International Student Film Festival, Official Selection

2017 CinemQ, Official Selection

2017 Ouchy Film Awards, Official Selection

2017 Miami Independent Film Festival, Official Selection

2017 The World Animation Celebration, Official Selection

2017 QCinema Fort Worth LGBT International Film Festival, Official Selection

2017 San Antonio Q Fest: The San Antonio LGBTQ International Film Festival, Official Selection

2017 Animation Marathon Film Festival, Official Selection

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New York, New York.